All of the occasions Littlefinger betrayed folks on 'Sport of Thrones' as a result of he sucks

The Iron Throne could also be in competition, however the award for WIliest Individual in Westeros on Sport of Thrones has at all times belonged to Petyr Baelish, a.okay.a. Littlefinger (Aidan Gillan). Littlefinger is a creep, a liar, a grasp manipulator and a mildly psychotic social climber. 

So why is that this man nonetheless round? Can he even be killed and not using a picket stake? We’re about prepared for him to get killed — ideally by Sansa — however do not be shocked if he has one other signature betrayal up his sleeve.

In honor of Littlefinger’s (hopefully) impending demise and all of the occasions he is been an incomparable piece of shit, here is a glance again in any respect the methods he betrayed individuals who trusted him within the years we have come to know this freak.

1. Having Jon Arryn killed

Jon Arryn’s demise at all times appeared just like the work of the Lannisters, particularly after we be taught that he had doubtless realized the reality about Joffrey’s parentage. Alas, the previous hand of the king’s demise was orchestrated by Petyr Baelish, and executed by his spouse Lysa, who for some godforsaken purpose has lifelong hots for Littlefinger (extra on that later). Why kill Jon Arryn? To throw Westeros into chaos — we all know how Littlefinger feels about chaos.

2. Mendacity in regards to the dagger

When an unknown murderer attacked the bedridden Brandon Stark with a dagger, his mom fought off the assailant. The weapon — fabricated from Valyrian metal and now again in Winterfell — allegedly belonged to Tyrion Lannister … in accordance with Littlefinger. It is a lie, as a result of he’s a liar.

three. Betraying Ned Stark to his demise

In Season 1, Baelish was slimy, however Ned noticed this as the kind of informal creepiness you’ll be able to kind of energy by means of and ignore if you work with somebody. However underestimating Petyr Baelish turned out to be deadly for Ned Stark, who was convicted of treason after which beheaded on the Sept of Baelor.

four. Killing Ros

Ros was a prostitute in Winterfell after we met her, however she at all times exhibited exceptional ambition and a eager consciousness for folks’s motivations and weaknesses. Sadly, she received tangled within the tenuous energy wrestle between Varys and Littlefinger, and finally ends up betraying the latter and paying together with her life.

5. Planning Joffrey’s homicide

All the things about Joffrey’s homicide factors to Sansa and Tyrion, even to viewers who knew they did not do it. Joffrey bullied Tyrion relentlessly, and the poison that killed him got here from Sansa’s necklace — and who planted that necklace however Petyr Baelish?

6. Killing Lysa Arryn

Even his unrelenting love of Tully ladies does not compel Petyr to spare Lysa Arryn shortly after their wedding ceremony. Within the second, she attacked Sansa out of a wild match of paranoia and insecurity — so take notice, enemies of Woman Stark: Littlefinger will throw you off a cliff with out considering twice.

7. Marrying Sansa to Ramsay Bolton

Alliance shmalliance, are you critical, bro? He might have saved Sansa’s pores and skin earlier than, however in his makes an attempt to take the North, Baelish misplaced Woman Stark endlessly when he handed her off to a recognized sadist.

So there’s the large pile of proof, of us. 

Littlefinger is a compulsive traitor, and his ultimate act earlier than Sansa and Arya workforce as much as destroy him will most likely trigger a ripple impact that destroys all of Westeros — until the White Walkers get there first.

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