AMD Ryzen Threadripper: All the pieces we all know to date about this monster CPU

Up to date September 6, 2017 with retail pricing, benchmarks, and comparability to Intel’s Core i9 Skylake X.

Like its Ryzen sibling, AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper CPU is a game-changing chip that gives shoppers efficiency by no means attainable earlier than. For instance, slam down a thousand bucks in 2013, and the most effective you might get in a client CPU was a 6-core Core i7-4960X. With AMD’s Threadripper, a $1,000 funding will get you a 16-core CPU.

In the present day, Ryzen Threadripper mainly stands as the top of client CPUs for high-end customers. Right here’s what that you must know.

IDG/Gordon Mah Ung

AMD’s busted out Threadripper at Computex.

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