As an alternative Of Doing All the things They Can To Shield These Animals, They're Being Merciless

Pandas are mainly the face of endangered species, so zoos sometimes to an awesome job to assist preserve and defend them.

Breeding facilities in China are one of many final defenses towards extinction for the Big Panda, the lovable creatures we all know and love. That is why it is so stunning to think about somebody abusing them. The social media website Weibo, the Chinese language equal of Twitter, was lately rocked by allegations of abuse towards panda cubs when one person posted surveillance footage.

The video exhibits agitated child pandas being shoved and thrown round their enclosure by keepers who appear merciless and unaffected.

Some say that pandas, even cubs, can act fairly fiercely. The Chengdu Analysis Base of Big Panda says the cubs have been overexcited, biting and clawing on the employees.

Nonetheless, the breeding facility apologized, saying they acknowledged that the employee had acted “too forcefully.”

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