Melisandre's cryptic exit may maintain an enormous clue to 'Sport of Thrones' Season eight

Sport of Thrones is populated by greater than its fair proportion of shady characters, however there is not any determine fairly as enigmatic because the Purple Priestess Melisandre, who confirmed up at Dragonstone in Season 7 for simply lengthy sufficient to engineer a gathering between Daenerys and Jon, earlier than promptly getting the hell out of dodge. 

She advised Varys she meant to sail to Volantis, one of many Free Cities of Essos, however promised, very like the Terminator, she’ll be again.

“I’ll return, pricey Spider, one final time,” she stated. “I’ve to die on this unusual nation, similar to you.”

One fan has a fairly good concept for what the Purple Priestess (and new Dany devotee) may very well be as much as in Volantis, which is dwelling to the biggest Purple Temple within the recognized world — and it may very well be key to Dany’s victory in Season eight.

In George R. R. Martin’s books, Volantis’ Purple Temple is dwelling to a slave military often known as the Fiery Hand — a thousand warriors raised to guard the Lord of Gentle’s temples. provides extra gasoline to this theoretical fireplace by mentioning that, within the present, Volantis’ temple is overseen by the Excessive Priestess Kinvara, the mysterious girl who got here to fulfill with Tyrion and Varys again in Season 6. 

Bear in mind her?

Throughout that deeply bizarre go to, she knowledgeable Tyrion that she already supported Dany’s declare to the throne, believing her to be the Princess that was Promised. After freaking Varys out by discussing the sorcerer who castrated him, Kinvara promised Tyrion she’d name on her monks to unfold Dany’s message all through Essos. 

If Melisandre goes to fulfill with Kinvara in Season eight, realizing that they each help Dany’s declare, it stands to purpose that the Excessive Priestess would possibly really feel inclined to lend just a few troopers to her legendary queen’s trigger. 

Plus, PopCulture notes, as followers of R’hllor, the Fiery Hand would possibly possess magical capabilities just like these wielded by Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr — together with flaming swords — which may turn out to be useful towards the Night time King’s wight military, particularly since Cersei will not be sending any Lannister troops into the battle.

The one wrinkle on this concept, after all, is that Daenerys is not a fan of slavery, and whereas she in all probability would not take situation with having her bacon saved by final minute reinforcements if she and Jon received right into a sticky state of affairs, as soon as she realized in regards to the Fiery Hand’s servitude, she’d in all probability demand that Kinvara free them. Then once more, if the Purple Priestesses imagine in Dany as passionately as they declare, breaking a thousand chains needs to be a small worth to pay. 

Kinvara’s go to with Tyrion undoubtedly felt a bit of random on the time, but when Sport of Thrones brings her again in Season eight to assist Dany defeat her foes — particularly since we all know Cersei intends to enlist the assistance of the Golden Firm, a sellsword military additionally based mostly in Essos — Melisandre may assist tie issues up fairly properly for Dany, earlier than she fulfills her personal prophecy and comes again to die in Westeros.

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