Missy Returns: Doctor Who Welcomes Back Michelle Gomez (For the Last Time?)

Guess who’s ba-ack! 

The Doctor’s best frenemy is back on Doctor Who this weekend, and it might just be the beginning of the end of an era. 

Michelle Gomez has played the first female regeneration of the Master, renamed Missy, since season eight, and has been showing up occasionally to both help and torment the Doctor ever since. Last week, news came out that Gomez would be leaving the series at the end of season 10, along with star Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat

While Gomez’ initial quotes made it seem pretty certain that season 10 would be the end of Missy, Gomez says to not be so sure.

“You just never know, especially with Missy, what’s going to happen,” the actress told E! News over the phone. “I think at the moment it feels like she’s done because Peter’s done and Steven’s done, and it feels like it’s the end of that era, but you know, never say never, for now.” 

For now, Missy’s back in all her glory, starting with this week’s episode, titled “Extremis.” It’s an hour that not only reunites us and the Doctor with everybody’s other favorite Time Lord but also brings on a whole new terrifying mystery, which Gomez calls “massive.” 

“Missy will bring her usual nonsense and bravado, but this time ’round, there’s something actually quite massive that will really impact on her and the Who world,” Gomez tells us. “You’ll absolutely see another side of Missy that was a huge acting challenge for me actually, so that’s sort of about to come.” 

Since this could be Missy’s swan song as well as Capaldi’s and Moffat’s, Gomez says Missy really “takes up some screentime,” this season as she continues to pop up just when the Doctor needs her (or doesn’t, whatever). 

Missy and the Doctor have always had a complicated relationship, and despite the seriousness of what’s about to go down, their friendship hasn’t changed much. 

“It’s the same as always, you know. There’s a kind of love/hate dynamic going on, and probably more love than hate, but it’s up to you do decide which direction that’s going in,” she says. “I think they’re always quietly—though maybe they wouldn’t admit—they’re happy to see each other.” 

Gomez credits her familiar relationship with Capaldi for the obvious chemistry they have onscreen. 

“There’s certainly something that happens for us on the day when we’re filming it,” she says. “It always feels kind of charged, and there’s a great energy between Peter and me because we’re very comfortable with each other. We’re both from the same hometown, Glasgow, so you’re always very relaxed which means some good things are able to ignite on the day.” 

As for Bill (Pearl Mackie), don’t expect Missy to pay much attention to the new companion. 

“I don’t think Missy even realized that Carla had left,” Gomez says, proving her point by not even remembering former companion Clara’s (Jenna Coleman) actual name. “She just doesn’t really see anybody other than the Doctor. She’s a bit Fatal Attraction like that.”

Stay tuned after this week’s episode for more scoop on what’s to come! 

Doctor Who airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. 

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