Some Folks Suppose The Earth Is Flat. They Additionally Suppose The Eclipse Proved Their Level.

One thing actually cool in regards to the world is that folks can imagine no matter silly issues they need to.

When you did not know this already, there are some individuals on the market who utterly reject science and imagine that Earth is flat as an alternative of spherical. The tapestry of humanity is assorted and good. Flat Earthers imagine that NASA pictures exhibiting the spherical earth are doctored by CGI and produce other theories “debunking” every little thing we all know to be true.

They have been particularly hopeful that final week’s eclipse would reveal the hoax that’s the total scientific group. Suppose they succeeded? This is what went down.

Rapper B.o.B. is probably probably the most well-known Flat Earther, and through the eclipse he tweeted his (unintelligible) ramblings in regards to the moon not being seen earlier than or after the eclipse.

When requested what truly prompted the eclipse, B.o.B. responded, “Rahu.” He’s referring to an historical mythological being that was accountable for astronomical occasions. Oooookay.

Different Flat Earthers introduced out their previous stand-by: the pictures from throughout the nation have been all CGI.

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